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Management of a merger or acquisition transaction

Merger and acquisition transactions are complex, time consuming, costly and a major strategic move by management. They are often structured by multiple parties with various and competing interests. Each stage in a transaction life cycle requires different skills but it is vital that all stages are glued together by consistency, continuity, discipline and drive.

Often the need for a disciplined approach to mergers and acquisitions is not realised until the transaction begins to fail.

There are multiple parties involved in a transaction

The transaction manager positions themselves as the facilitator working for the vendor, purchaser or both.

The main areas in which Remedy adds value in mergers and acquisitions are:

Management of deal activities

  • Establishing and managing an effective governance framework
  • Coordination between advisors and
    client resources
  • Leading a stream of work e.g. communications or HR
  • Setting and managing the timetable

Transition or integration of
business groups

  • Rapid understanding of core business
  • Developing and executing the exit/integration strategy
  • Instilling project management disciplines
  • Implementation of Transitional
    Services Agreements

Sale and purchase agreements

  • Executing specific clauses
  • Ensuring compliance

Advantages of engaging Remedy

  • Push, momentum and drive
  • Focus - the deal team will have other day-to-day responsibilities
  • Experience - proven track record
    in execution
  • Continuity - while negotiations may
    be protracted
  • Risk management - careful and
    explicit planning
  • Knowledge - deals are often considered done but in reality there is much still to be completed
  • Impartiality - objective and
    process focussed
  • Quick start-up - it is difficult to gear up internally for one off transactions
  • Quick wind-up - completion
    or termination