Mergers & Acquisitions

Smart merger and acquisition management

Mergers and acquisitions are typically complex, time consuming and costly. Each transaction and subsequent separation and integration marks a major strategic move by the board and executive team, involving multiple parties with various and competing interests.

As each stage in a transaction life cycle involves a different mix of team members with differing skills, it is critical for success to maintain the same consistent and disciplined governance process throughout the merger and acquisition.

At Remedy we:

At Remedy, we apply the same proven Remedy methodology for all M&A projects irrespective of transaction size, complexity or industry.  We position ourselves as the impartial facilitator working for the seller, acquirer, or both, coordinating all parties and focusing on the process of achieving transaction and integration success at all times.

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How we help manage your merger or acquisition

  • Transaction Management Lead specific or multiple streams of work
    Manage the merger timetables
  • Transition and Integration Develop and execute the exit, transition and integration strategies
    Instil project management disciplines
  • Transformation Co-create and prioritise transformation opportunities
    Mobilise teams and design transformation roadmaps
    Manage and execute desired merger and acquisition outcomes