What is agile project methodology?

What is agile project methodology?

Agile project methodology is based around the core principles of flexibility, iteration, team input and quality results.

Collaboration and teamwork is a staple in the agile methodology. A long-lived team is formed to work together to produce a project output. Teams typically work in ‘sprints’ – a defined period of time, usually 2-4 weeks, where one iteration of development takes place. The team designs the sprint together, operates as a unit rather than segregating tasks, and completes a review at the end – sometimes with a product that is ready for release. Then a new sprint begins.

The iterative nature of these sprints allows for the product to be tested as it continues to develop, reducing the risk of finding major defects at a later stage, as minor issues can be fixed as it goes. It also helps with stakeholder management, as progress can be seen at each sprint review.

How agile methodology benefits your project

Agile project methodology offers a range of benefits, including:


Regular testing throughout the cycle means changes can be made and issues can be managed as they arise. The result is a refined, high quality end product.

Customer satisfaction

There’s transparency around progress development and working functionalities are demonstrated at every sprint review, keeping stakeholders engaged.


Regular sprint meetings provides transparency and has the potential to mould the project around changing priorities.

Faster returns

Speed to market is important, which is why agile is so popular amongst technology firms. Incremental releases can give clients an edge in a fast-moving, competitive market.

Is agile right for your project?

While there are many benefits to running a project using agile methodology, there are many projects that benefit greater from using a traditional waterfall approach. At Remedy, we know each project is unique, and we can assess whether a waterfall, agile or combination of the two approaches will work best for success. Want to discuss the best methodology for your project? We’d love to hear from you.


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